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  • Highest rating of six green trees on www.environmentallyfriendlyhotels.com
  • Recycling – all waste is recycled; food scraps are either composted or fed to village animals
  • Towel & sheet program – linen is not changed every day unless requested by guests
  • Natural organic soap
  • Toiletries in refillable containers
  • Bio-cycle septic system recycles waste water to the garden.
  • No pest spraying or mosquito poison fogging. We have very few mosquitoes – our lovely small geckoes are natural insect “removers.”
  • Villa Beji  , Melah  and Pererepan pools are sterilized by silver ionisation, not harsh chemicals.
  • Alternative energy. Hydro – electricity using a Pelton wheel produces energy from the natural springs by the river .
  • Community support
    • Financial support to Melayang village for ceremonies
    • Provision of uniforms for the village womens’ Gamelan orchestra
    • Provision of weekly gamelan and dance lessons for children and youth in the village
    • Staff receive award rates and paid membership to a health insurance scheme
    • Service charge is shared equally amongst staff


We Support:
Kupu Kupu Foundation

Assists handicapped children in Bali. Visit their gallery which shows the art and handicraft works of these people. Cnr. Jalan Raya and Jalan Hanoman.

Yayasan Senyum (The Smile Foundation)

Assists Indonesians requiring Cranio Facial Surgery.

Carry for Kids