Suggested Activities (exertion free)

At the Villa:

Bird watching

Numerous bird species including:

  • Java Kingfishers – 2 pairs nest in the area below the house, brilliant blue with red beaks.
  • Greater Coucals ( crow pheasant ) nest in the valley.
  • White Herons – Fly over the villas to and from Petulu at dawn and dusk.

(Binoculars and Indonesian Bird book available for loan from the office)

Monkey watching

A tribe of wild Macaques forage in the valley, usually seen early in the morning.


Turn off the lights at night and watch the fire flies dance.


Beautiful large geckos are often seen in the villas. They are a lovely greenish blue with pink spots and are considered good luck. Do not be alarmed, they only eat insects.

River walk/swimming

Take the path through the village down to the Petanu River. Please be careful as the path may be slippery when wet. Swim or just sit under the waterfalls.

Village walk

Explore the traditional village of Melayang. Early morning is the best time to see Gunung Agung, Bali’s largest volcano, looming in the distance. Later in the day it is often hidden by clouds. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings and observe farmers in the rice fields with their cows and ducks.

Activities Requiring More Energy

Our manager can advise about / organize:

  • White Water Rafting
  • Trekking
  • Cycling
  • Volcano climbing
  • Traditional Herb Walks
  • Balinese Cooking classes
  • Visits to traditional dance / music performance
  • Day trips to historical sites and areas of interest
  • Yoga or Meditation classes
  • Batik workshops
  • Jewellery making workshops