The Pavilion

A large thatched open-sided pavilion with a terracotta tile floor and comfortable water hyacinth furniture is  situated in the garden . You can relax here, entertain friends, read a book or be served afternoon tea. The Wantilan can also be used as a venue for  weddings , parties , meditation / yoga courses and Balinese dance and gamelan performances.

It is also used for displaying art-work created by  Balinese artists.


In the forest, broad-canopied acacia trees, stately lontar, umbrella ferns, rippling banana leaves and giant bamboo mingle with tall coconut palms and majestic breadfruit trees. Here, you will be surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature – birds, butterflies, cicadas and the ceaseless flow of the river, as well as ritual music from the village temple. The area is a birdwatcher’s paradise and the iridescent blue Java Kingfisher with its distinctive red beak is a common sight, while monkeys can be seen playing in the trees. White herons fly over the valley to and from Petulu at dawn and dusk. After dark, the scent of night jasmine fills the air and the valley comes alive with flickering fire-flies.

Guests can explore the extensive gardens which encompass an organic vegetable garden, the Beji garden in which all the plants have either healing or medicinal properties and numerous tropical fruit trees as well as cocoa and coffee trees. Sample a freshly harvested coconut milk or an herbal tea. Rustic wooden seats are placed throughout where one can sit, read, or simply enjoy the views.