Our five villas are supported by a cherished ‘family’ of 20  friendly staff, who have a profound knowledge of the locale, and fulfil their duties with enthusiasm, smiles and genuine warmth. They are never intrusive, yet are always there to make sure that their guests experience a truly enjoyable stay in Bali. By getting to know this lovely group of people, you will gain privileged insights into the traditions of rural Bali and the Balinese Hindu culture. Guests are always warmly welcomed at temple ceremonies and the staff will provide you with the sarong and sash required for attending.

Our on-site villa manager oversees and coordinates the staff and property and assists you during your stay. He is on call 24 hours a day. All of the staff are from the village of Melayang or the adjacent village of Bintang Kuning (Yellow Star). Many are also accomplished carvers, painters and musicians.Pictured above is our Head gardener Nyoman with our village  gamelan players .

Staff are   rostered  from 7am -11pm. Our village is very safe but for your extra peace of mind we have a night security guard on duty from 11pm – 7am .

As in all Balinese houses, daily offerings are made. Every morning our local priest presents flower petal and incense offerings inside every building and at the various house temple shrines within the garden. The Petanu River is considered sacred by the Balinese and a special temple for the spirits of the river is situated on the slope below the house. Particularly elaborate and beautiful offerings are presented during the full moon period.