The Eco-villa evolved from a desire to construct a dwelling from natural materials which would blend with nature and have minimal impact on the environment.
We were very fortunate that Agung Putradhyana, one of Bali’s ‘green’ architects who is passionate about environmental issues, agreed to take on the project.

His design is based on one of nature’s great mysteries, called the golden ratio, the golden section, or the golden rectangle. It encompasses the harmonic and symmetrical principles lying behind nature itself. Nature expresses the golden section through a simple series of whole numbers-the Fibonacci series.

Both the villa and the plunge pool are based on the Fibonacci golden spiral.

The main structure is formed using bamboo clad with iron-wood shingles. Glass/ bamboo doors use a simple pivot pin system so they can be angled in any position to catch the cooling breezes or enjoy the lush valley views down to the river below. The structure has small gaps between some sections.

The villa has one open plan living/ sleeping area with a small kitchenette overlooking the jungle. A traditional Balinese carved door leads into  a rustic semi- open bathroom with a free formed stone bath tub and a large rain shower. A unique feature is the mural carved by Agung into the soft stone wall, inspired by one of Miguel Covarrubiass’ paintings from his sojourn in Bali in the 1930’s.As far as possible all natural materials are used for the furniture and furnishings including a king size natural latex mattress.

Due to the nature of the construction , open plan and closeness to the jungle, you may be visited by the occasional gecko, frog or  firefly. If you prefer a completely sealed villa , air-conditioning,if you are not “creature friendly” or are afraid of harmless  insects , this villa will  not be the right choice for you.There are also a number of steps  down to the villa  so not advisable  for the less fit .

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